Medicare Funding

Medicare Funding

What is an Enhanced Primary Care Plan?

Now termed Chronic Disease Management Plans, are available for those with a chronic condition, a medical condition that has been ongoing for at least six months or is likely to last more than six months.

Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) plans can only be completed by a GP and the child must be present at each session.

Can my child use an Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC) for therapy?

Yes. The child must need at least two Health Professionals to be eligible for this plan. Children with learning difficulties and motor or developmental delays are often eligible here if they meet the criteria. Medicare rebates are available for up to five (5) eligible sessions per calendar year. The sessions can be made up of five of one type of service (e.g. Exercise Physiology) or a combination of different types of service (eg. 3 exercise physiology, 1 speech pathology and 1 OT sessions).

EPC referrals are valid for 12 months from the date of the referral, however the 5 sessions do not carry over into a new calendar year.

How much do sessions cost?

At Coordinated Kidz all initial assessments are 1 hour in length and therefore will require payment upfront, and a rebate will be provided by Medicare.

Following sessions are bulk billed and run for 30 minutes. If you or your therapist feels as though your child needs a longer session e.g. 45 minutes the full fee will be payable and a rebate claimed back through Medicare.

If you would like to attend sessions on an EPC you can download the referral form below or simply book an appointment with you GP.