NDIS Reports

NDIS Reports

NDIS Reports

NDIS reports have been created to ensure it provides all the required information that your NDIS planner will be looking for. Whether you are doing your child’s first plan, annual planning, plan review or plan appeal, we work with you to ensure that the report covers the history of your child, their progress and your future goals for them.

Please consider carefully the life goals you are putting forward as part of your child’s plan, as they will be required in the report request. Our best results with NDIS reports is where you fully brief us on what you are hoping to achieve for your child so we can put as much detail as possible in the reports.

Please note, these reports are complex and can take some time to prepare. Be aware of your child’s plan dates, and provide us as much notice as possible. Coordinated Kidz cannot guarantee we can meet a NDIS meeting date if we are not given adequate time to prepare a report.

You will find a copy of the cost for reports in the fees sections. In general, report fees can be paid for using your NDIS Funding however this may be dependent on your child’s individual plan and how your funding is currently allocated.

Intensive reports

Every intensive that is completed at Coordinated Kidz comes with an Intensive Summary Report, which will be an additional charge on your Intensive invoice.  This report will summarise the activities undertaken by your child during the intensive and the progress that was made against their goals. This report will automatically be sent to you within 3-6 weeks after the completion of your intensive.

Whilst the Intensive Summary Report contains useful information about your child’s progress during that specific intensive, we recommend completing a full NDIS Report for upcoming NDIS Reviews or planning meetings.